Dear visitors, for a long time we have encountered a situation when looking at Russian-speaking portals related to migration and residence in Spain, the information presented in these sites is not only contradictory, but often does not reflect reality, deceiving the visitor. Of course, this error can be understood: it is necessary to master a large amount of information before writing an article, the peculiarities of Spanish legislation, the lack of experience in working with the problem posed on the site. Even if the author of the text has good skills in Spanish Language, it does not necessarily mean that heshe understands the meaning of the question being asked.

That is why we decided to create an information portal, placing in it only the information processed and verified by our employees. All the articles that we publish on the website are monitored and verified with extreme caution. First, the subject is described directly by our experts (whether tax advisors or lawyers), it focuses on the most urgent problems, then the editor drafts the article, after which a specialist revises the article again, all the possible inaccuracies are corrected and the article is returned for review.

The finished article which is practically ready for its publication is approved by a specialist and the head of the department. In this way, it obtains verified information and we, for our part, try to make it as accessible and easy to present all the characteristics and nuances of Spanish legislation.

Our quality seal "Only verified by the information specialists of PSC" is your guarantee to obtain reliable first-hand information.

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