Residence permit with the right to work as an individual entrepreneur or open a company

A residence permit with the right to work is one of the most desirable, but not easy, ways to move to Spain. It allows not only to live in the country without leaving, but also to work legally. This is an undoubted advantage, because in this way you can not only quickly adapt to the mentality and rhythm of life, but also receive income in euros, which you will agree is better than constantly thinking about the exchange rate.

Therefore, in this post we will share with you information on this method of moving. Let’s start with a residence with the right to work without a contract (Permiso de residencia y trabajo por cuenta propia).

This residence permit can be requested both when setting up as an individual entrepreneur and a company.

The catch is that opening a business in the country is not a problem, although the process is accompanied by bureaucratic delays, a foreigner does not have the right to work and, accordingly, receive income. Just for this case, you can use this residence.

The application for a residence permit with the right to work without a contract is submitted at the Spanish Consulate of the country of residence in 2 stages personally by the applicant:
1. Request for initial residence and work
2. Visa processing

Stage 1 – Application for residence and work

Here it is necessary to properly prepare and comply with a number of important requirements, in addition to the standard ones (such as an internal and foreign passport, a paid fee, a completed EX-07 form):
— provision of a Business plan indicating the proposed investments, income, the number of jobs created (if necessary);
– confirmation of the availability of funds to open a business, as well as residence in the country;
– confirmation of the availability of appropriate qualifications for the implementation of activities;

!!! In the case of establishing a company in Spain, you need to open a company and request all the necessary permits and licenses for doing business.

The main difficulty here is the competent preparation of a Business Plan and its confirmation in an accredited institution in Spain. Therefore, we strongly advise you to contact professionals. We have extensive experience in this matter and will help you get a positive decision in developing your business in the Kingdom and further obtaining a residence permit.

After submitting a complete package of documents, the Consulate sends a request to the migration authorities in the region where it is planned to conduct activities.

Stage 2 – Visa processing

Did you get a positive decision? Time to move on to step 2. Everything is simple here. You will need to provide a package of documents within 1 month from the date of receipt of the answer:
— National questionnaire in 2 copies;
– Passport with a validity period of at least 4 months;
– Police clearance certificate for 5 years (we recommend requesting it in advance, as it requires an apostille). For example, in Moscow it takes about 1.5 months;
– Medical certificate.

!!! All original documents are submitted with a photocopy and correctly translated into Spanish if necessary. This can be done through a sworn translator or the legalization department at the Consulate of Spain (which is much more profitable compared to the first option).

What are the benefits you will receive when obtaining a residence as an individual entrepreneur?
+ The opportunity to live and work in the country, scaling the business not only to the Spanish, but also to the European level of the population
+ Move your family based on your residence permit
+ When a child is born in the country, you can apply for Spanish citizenship after the 1st year of residence in Spain

But there are downsides:
– the business must generate income and all taxes must be paid for the further extension of the residence permit
– the difficulty in providing documentation at the 1st stage of registration, especially the project itself.

Do you need more detailed advice or assistance in obtaining a visa? We can  help you. Contact us today for more information.

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