Sanitas: health insurance for students in Spain

According to our statistics, among the sets of residence permits in Spain, we have identified the TOP-3, for which we most often receive requests:
– Residence for studies
– Visa without the right to work
– Golden Visa or investor visa

Each of the residences has its own nuances and it is important to consider all of them. For example, a student visa is most popular among those who do not have large finances, but want to gain a foothold in Spain. In addition to studying the language and / and obtaining a prestigious education, there is time not only to enrich yourself with knowledge, but also to understand whether you want to stay here to live and find a job.

Do not forget about Health Insurance. It also carries weight. Medicine in Spain is “not a cheap pleasure”, therefore, when applying for a student’s residence, there are serious requirements for insurance.

One of the important points is “No carrencias” (no waiting period), that is, the insured has the right from the first day of validity of the policy to see a doctor within the framework of the terms of the contract.

Sanitas insurance is ideal for this residence permit. The company has a special offer of Sanitas International Students, designed especially for international students in the Kingdom.

Sanitas insurance:
+ Fully meets the requirements of the Spanish Consulate, including the special requirement “No carrencias”, no surcharges and with repatriation.
+ Has a favorable cost compared to conventional medical insurance, which, you see, is a pleasant bonus for students – 50 euros per month.
+ Age limit is from 14 to 35 years old.

To register it, you must provide confirmation of enrollment in an educational institution (matricula from a language school, university or business school), as well as personal data for calculating the cost and registration.

Sanitas International Students’ policy allows you to be served in the best private clinics in Spain and includes:
– Primary health care
– Expert advice
– Diagnostics
– Surgery and hospitalization
– Emergency medical assistance when traveling around the world with a limit of up to 12,000 euros per year
– Dentistry coverage for up to 31 services, and for the rest there is a discount of up to 21%, etc.

In addition, insurance has a number of other advantages:
+ fast registration in 2-4 working days
+ it is not necessary to have a bank account in Spain, since you can pay by transfer or card, which is not offered by all insurance companies
+ the ability to choose the frequency of payment: monthly, every 3 months, 6 months, per year
+ the policy can be issued from 3 months up to a period of more than a year, for example 13 months for annual language courses
+ service in Russian on all policy issues

We, ProSpain Consulting, are authorized insurance agents of Sanitas and we can select and arrange insurance for you completely free of charge. The price of the policy depends on age, so we advise you to contact our specialists for more complete information and to obtain a calculation of the cost at a discount for you and, as a result, to arrange insurance in a short time.

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