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Spain is one of the countries where most foreigners dream of starting a new life. But there is one thing that can spoil the mood – looking for a job. This is especially true for those who do not have passive or remote income. Even if you have a plan B, you should not relax too much and start thinking about making money in Spain.

For some it is easier to work for yourself and look for your niche in a new place, for others it is easier to find a job in the country. Both options are not easy, but achievable with the desire, patience and everyday actions to get a stable income.

But in both cases, it is advisable to think in advance about some points:

1. Knowledge of Spanish
This greatly simplifies not only adaptation in a new place, but also the search for a job. Ideally, even before moving, you should start getting acquainted with the language. Otherwise, it can always be done in Spain, applying the received theory immediately in practice.
Knowledge of an additional language will be a nice bonus when looking for a job in the country.

2. Local education
It is advisable to get an education in Spain in the field in which you plan to search in the future.

3. Be flexible
In practice, it often happens that when you move, you have to retrain for a new profession. Therefore, the more open you are, the more opportunities you can open up.

4. Society
It is important to expand your social circle, look for new connections, go to specialized events and don’t be afraid to say that you are looking for a job. You never know where you’ll find it!

5. Resume (Curriculum Vitae – CV)
Think over your resume, adjust it to the European standard and the place where you will send it. Translate your CV into Spanish, if you are fluent in the language.

6. Job Search Sites
Register on job search sites. Stay tuned for job updates and apply with a personalized cover letter.

Most popular sites:

For students who are looking for a job for the first time

For IT professionals, engineers and technical professionals

Through social networks:

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