Reasons for refusing a residence in Spain

It doesn’t always work out the way we plan it. Therefore, it is not in vain that they say that one must be prepared for anything. But there are things that can be avoided. For example, in obtaining or extending a residence in Spain.

Of course, no one is insured in receiving a negative decision, but it is possible to minimize this risk. To do this, you need to know the main mistakes, the commission of which is fraught with failure.

The most common mistakes when applying for a primary residence permit

1. Incomplete package of documents
The website of the Consulate of Spain provides a general list of documents for each residence, so the Consulate always reserves the right to request any additional document it deems necessary.
On the other hand, despite the complete list, there are always nuances that are important to consider when submitting documents. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to wait for a detailed response from the Consulate, and the Internet is full of conflicting information. Therefore, it never hurts at least to consult with a specialist to prepare the correct package of documents.

2. Wrong medical insurance
The main mistake arises when registering insurance for a Russian company. Yes, it is suitable for a tourist visa, but not for a national one. This is especially true for student, investor and non-work visa. In any case, we recommend taking out insurance through a Spanish company in order to avoid problems in the future.

3. Insufficient or end-to-end financial guarantees
We do not recommend showing funds that strictly meet the requirements of the requested residence permit. It is necessary to lay + 20-30% to the base.

4. Lack of passive income
This point is important when registering a residence without the right to work. It will not be enough just to provide proof of permanent remote work. The tendency of the consulates of Spain for a given residence permit goes to the request of a passive stable income, for example, profit from renting out real estate, dividends, etc.

5. “Left” place of work
It is recommended to show reliable sources when demonstrating financial soundness. Do not hope at random. If necessary, the Consulate can call the company to confirm the certificate you submitted from the place of work.

6. Violation of the visa regime earlier

7. An educational institution that is not accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education, or the curriculum does not meet the required minimum
This clause applies exclusively to student visas.

The most common mistakes when renewing a residence permit:

1. Failure to comply with the terms of stay in Spain
Do not neglect this rule and correctly calculate the actual days of stay in the country, so as not to get into a mess.

2. The problem with health insurance
As a rule, renewal can be refused if there is a break in validity or initially incorrectly executed insurance (not accredited by Spain) during the reporting year. The second point often arises when extending a student visa, investor, residence permit without the right to work.

3. Violation of deadlines for submission
You must manage to get there within 60 days before and no later than 90 days after the expiration of the resident card.

4. Financial guarantees
The same rules apply as when obtaining an initial residence permit, but only based on the period for which a new card is issued.

5. Debt of the company (in the case of a work-for-hire residence permit)
It occurs when the company has debts to the tax authority and the social security fund.

If you are refused, you are going to or are already in the process of applying for a residence permit on your own or renewing it, we recommend that you contact our specialists for advice.
We will definitely help you arrange the correct package of documents for filing. And in case of refusal, we will consider your case, determine the reason for refusal  and submit an appeal.

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