AUTORIZACIÓN DE REGRESO: Permission to enter Spain when renewing a residence permit

Life can be unpredictable sometimes leading to unexpected twists and turns. So, having settled down in a foreign country, for example in Spain, sometimes you have to change plans and urgently return to your homeland, since they require your personal presence. This is not a problem if you have a valid residence permit, which allows you to freely travel anywhere in the world. But what if the documents are being renewed?

In this case, you need to obtain an Autorización de regreso.

This is a Spanish document that allows residents of Spain to return to the country while their residence permit is being renewed.

Who is eligible to issue a Permit to Return?

– a foreigner who has a residence permit and is in the process of extending it;

– a foreigner with a valid residence and who requested a duplicate due to loss, theft or damage to the document;

– a foreigner awaiting an initial residence permit (in the process of a positive decision and waiting for a plastic card and after affixing fingerprints), subject to confirmation of departure due to exceptional circumstances.

But there are exceptions

This permit cannot be issued to foreigners who are subject to a ban on leaving Spain or a restriction on their freedom of movement agreed by the judicial authorities.

You can only get the Autorización de regreso in person, except in the following cases:

– minor children, when the request is made on behalf of one of the parents or guardian

– incapacitated and seriously ill persons who are not able to appear in person when filing is possible by a notarized power of attorney

Permission to return is issued by the police or the department for foreigners (Extranjería) at the place of registration.

The main package of documents for submission:

– statement EX-13 in 2 copies;

– a paid duty of 10.93 euros (Modelo 790 Código 012);

– a copy of all pages of the passport;

– a copy of the application or receipt for the extension of the residence, issue of the card or documents that the application has already been submitted;

– in the case of an initial residence permit, documents demonstrating a valid reason for the trip;

– booking or the tickets themselves for the trip.

!! Copies of documents are accepted upon presentation of their originals.

!!! When submitting documents in a foreign language, they must be translated into Spanish or the official language of the Spanish territory in which the application is submitted.

In addition, the documents must be legalized at the Spanish consulate in the issuing country of the document, unless an exemption agreement has been signed between Spain and the country under the Convention.

Autorización de regreso is valid for no more than 90 days from the date of issue.

Important: The permit is valid exclusively in Spain. This must be taken into account when returning to the country. Therefore, you should not save money and buy tickets with a transfer in order to avoid problems at the entrance.

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