Buying property in Spain remotely

Buying real estate in Spain is not only a profitable investment – it is also an opportunity to obtain a residence on the basis of the acquired object.

And we are talking not only about the residence permit of the investor, when the price of an object without taxes should be above 500 thousand euros. An apartment, house or plot can be of any value. More details – on a free 15-minute consultation provided for our subscribers!

Closed borders, changed working hours of administrative bodies and financial organizations, difficulties with flights are no longer an obstacle to becoming an owner of real estate in Spain.

All transactions that we carry out are insured and in case of legal problems are covered by the insurance of legal liability for the transaction. And we are responsible in front of the client and the Bar Association with our license.

Supporting a sale and purchase transaction remotely is always a clear protocol of actions. The guarantees of the safety of your financial resources and rights are reflected in the limitation of the power of attorney for operations within the framework of the purchase and sale agreement. And, of course, trusting professionals with experience and authority, you, above all, can be sure that you will not get a “pig in a poke”.

For the procedure, you will need a power of attorney with an apostil from your country, which will include a list of permitted actions for the authorized person. For example, registering real estate, paying taxes, opening a bank account in a Spanish bank. We send an example of a power of attorney, a list of powers to clients.

Important: we can also remotely open an account for you in the largest banks in Spain (Santander, LaCaixa, Sabadell). Of course, in this case, the buyer must demonstrate the origin of the funds and fill out a KYC form for the bank.

Since we cooperate with one of the leading real estate agencies in Spain, you can remotely select any object anywhere in Spain: land, apartment, house or commercial premises, warehouses, including “bank” real estate.

Our lawyers will advise on taxes and possible expenses, technical issues, including assistance in obtaining a mortgage.

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