How to bring your pets to Spain

Can I go to Spain with my pets? How to bring your pet to Spain?

Before traveling with your pet, you should be aware that the movement of pets is
governed by EU sanitary regulations or national regulations in order to ensure their
health and human health (Regulation CE 998/2003).

Failure to comply with these rules leads to unpleasant situations for animals and
their owners when animals are placed in quarantine facilities or sent to the country of

In this regard, Aena and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Industry
provide basic information on the above sanitary rules. This information will help
make the trip with your pet as simple and convenient as possible.

Traveling with dogs, cats and ferrets

If one person or his representative carries more than five pets, this will be considered
a commercial cargo and import rules will apply.

What you need to know:

* Pets : dogs, cats, ferrets traveling on the same vehicle as their owner (or his

* Owner’s representative : any person in charge of the animal during the trip
instead of the owner.

* Electronic Identification System – Microchip : Must comply with ISO 11784 or
Annex A of ISO 11785. Otherwise, the owner or his representative must provide
reading facilities.

* Vaccination against rabies: made inactive vaccine at a rate of at least one
antigenic unit per dose (WHO).

* Assessment of neutralizing antibodies : carried out in a laboratory authorized by
the EU, based on a serum sample taken by an authorized veterinarian, at least 30
days after vaccination and 3 months before moving. Satisfactory level of protection:
at least 0.5 μl / ml. For the UK, a serum sample should be taken 6 months before the
animal is taken out.

* Passport : an official document established for pets from EU countries.

* Transportation conditions : animals must be kept in appropriate cages or
containers that may be provided by the airline. The cage will have a clear indication
of the address and phone number of the owner. Tell your airline about your intention
to travel your pet.

Import of other animals to Spain

* Poultry: A traveler can bring a maximum of five birds with him.

* Importation of birds from third countries: birds must have a hygiene certificate and
a statement from the owner or his representative in accordance with the samples
established in decision 2007/25 / CE.

* Importation of birds from other Member States: birds must have a hygienic
certificate of a standard form, which is available
at: .
* Other animals: the traveler can bring a maximum of five animals with him. They
must have a hygiene certificate of an established standard, which is available at the
above address.


* Animals must be accompanied by their owners or their representatives.

* Owners, through a written statement, undertake not to sell animals and agree to
inspections that the Spanish Veterinary Services deem necessary in accordance
with sanitary standards.

* Hygienic certificate must be drawn up in Spanish.


1. Regulation CE 998/2003 of the European Parliament and the
Commission. Zoosanitary rules for the transport of dogs, cats and ferrets without
commercial purposes between Member States and from third
0009.pdf .

2. Authorized Antibody Laboratory in Spain: Santa Fe Central Veterinary Laboratory,
Granada (tel: 958 44 04 00). A list of laboratories authorized by the EU is available
at: .

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6. In accordance with Commission Decision 2007/25 / CE with regard to certain
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imported into the EU.

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