Apostille of documents

Each country has its own regulatory framework, procedures for registration and issuance of official documents, which are valid only on the territory of their country.

Therefore, for the recognition of a foreign document in the state, special international procedures were introduced, one of which is the apostille affixing.

This is an international standardized form for filling out information on the legality of a document for presentation on the territory of countries that recognize this form of legalization.

Apostille is valid not all over the world, but only in those countries that have signed the Hague Convention of 1961. This greatly simplifies the bureaucratic processes of legalizing documents for a foreigner.

The stamp is placed on the original documents issued in the country of origin. That is, in Spain only Spanish documents are apostilled, in Russia – Russian and so on.

You will need an apostille when applying for a residence permit, admission to a university or a private school, marriage, employment, citizenship and other special cases.

On what documents is it needed?

• originals of educational documents (diplomas, certificates, certificates);
• original documents of the registry office (birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates). But there are countries in which this is not required, since they have entered into an appropriate agreement;
• court decisions with a mark of entry into legal force;
• certificate of good conduct;
• documents of legal entities certified by the state registration authority (statutes, certificates of registration, tax registration, etc.);
• notarized translation of documents.

Apostille is placed directly on the document itself or on the attached form.

It states:
1. Name of the state that issued the document
2. Surname and position of the certifying person
3. Name of institution
4. Country and city where the apostille was affixed
5. Date of affixing
6. Name of the authority that affixed the apostille
7. Apostille number
8. Seal / stamp of the institution and signature of the official who affixed the apostille

‼ ️ Note: Apostille is affixed only in the language of the country of origin of the document.

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