Case: How to Enroll in a Spanish University


Obtaining a student visa is in great demand among foreigners today. There are many students among our clients, whom we helped to enroll in the university of their dreams.

Let’s talk about one of the most interesting cases.

A girl (let’s call her Tatyana) approached us with a request to enter university. She wanted to apply to a particular major university in Spain. We got to work. First, we contacted the institution and found out the requirements for admission. They turned out to be so tough that even many Spaniards would find it difficult to enter this university. It was not looking good The University required alot and it was looking unlikely that she would be accepted. Tatiana was upset. Her dream was crumbling.

But we did not back down and looked for suitable alternatives. Other universities fully met Tatyana’s requests: the chosen specialty, location in cities as close as possible to the university of dreams, while the conditions for enrolling foreigners were simpler. All conditions and price met the requirements.

We explained that at this stage it is more important for Tatyana to enter and obtain a study permit. And after a year, you can try to transfer to the university where she wanted. This process is easier and faster than initially applying to a well-known major university.

We received a study permit fairly quickly and Tatyana began her studies at a university in a neighboring city. This year she successfully passed part of the exams and now we are starting to work on the academic transfer to the university where she originally wanted.


If you are still in doubt or do not know which educational institution to choose, we will be happy to advise you and find a solution. Just get in touch!


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