Sworn translation in Spain

Each country has its own specific requirements for foreign documents, including Spain. According to Spanish law, most documents written in another language are null and void and require translation.

It is here that many make a mistake: they translate with a simple translator and certify them with a notary in the country of residence. The Kingdom may officially refuse to accept such documents. Most foreign documents require a Sworn Translation or Traducción Jurada.

Translation must only be performed by a Sworn Translator (Traductor Jurado) who is authorized to provide certified translations.

What services can a Translator provide?
– translation and confirmation that it is correct and complete;
– confirmation of a transfer made by another person;
– Interpretation in a lawsuit and in another official act in which the participants do not speak Spanish.

Translation is most often needed when solving administrative issues (courts, registry office, bank, buying real estate, registration of residences), when contacting the consulate and notarial affairs. For instance:
– certificate / diploma with attachment and apostille;
– academic transcripts;
– documents on residence permit;
– certificate of marriage / divorce;
– certificate of no criminal record;
– powers of attorney;
– patents and so on.

What is the cost of the service?
In Spain, the rates for a sworn translator are usually set according to a specific document. But there is an exception, for example when it comes to very voluminous documents such as contracts, account statements, balances, etc. In the case of long documents, the translator sets the rate per word.

The minimum price starts at 50 € + VAT for a small document such as a birth certificate, police clearance certificate or one page (where the price varies by the number of words).

On the other hand, the language of the document also affects the cost. So, translations from Ukrainian cost on average from 60 to 65 € plus VAT, English plus minus at the same rate.

Translations must always be stamped and signed by the translator, and in addition, the last page must include a certification confirming that it is a sworn translation.

We carry out translations of any complexity: administrative, notarial, official, etc. To calculate the cost, contact us today.

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