Legal support in the sale and purchase of real estate in Spain step by step

Legal support of a sale and purchase transaction in Spain, regardless of whether it occurs remotely or in the presence of the buyer, our client, requires a strict procedure and adherence to consistent steps.

Your deal is “managed” by a Russian-speaking lawyer licensed in Spain, with whom you are always in touch. All real estate transactions that we accompany, in addition to strict verification of legality, encumbrances and other characteristics of the property itself, are insured, which gives our clients even more confidence and peace of mind before, during and after the purchase.

Below are the main steps in the legal support of the sale and purchase of any property in Spain, which is carried out by ProSpain Consulting:

  • Drawing up a power of attorney
  • Getting a NIE number and opening a bank account in Spain
  • Drawing up an object reserve agreement and waiting for a list of necessary documents that will allow you to go to the Arras agreement (Deposit). Never sign a Reserve agreement without being verified by lawyers. As a rule, we (lawyers) enter into it a list of documents necessary to inspect the object even before you make a deposit, so that if problems with real estate are revealed, we can oblige the seller to resolve all the shortcomings before the transaction and at his expense.

For example, when buying a house, illegal outbuildings often “pop up”, and it can cost a new owner 20,000 and more to legalize them. Therefore, we try to resolve such issues in advance.

  • Preparing the Arras contract.
  • We agree on Arras with the parties, we go out to sign it.
  • We transfer the remaining funds on the appointed day and enter the deal.
    In case there is a mortgage on real estate, it is important to make sure that it is officially removed from the Register. Otherwise, problems may arise further – someone else’s mortgage will remain on your property.
  • Submission of declarations and registration of real estate in the Property Register.

And here the key point is that this action must be performed by professionals, since you need to be registered with the tax authorities – with an address in your country of residence or, as Spanish tax authorities usually do, without understanding, indicate the address of a newly-made real estate and, accordingly, make you a tax resident Spain.

  • Final registration in the real estate registry.

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