Extension of Student Residence Permit


We have already written several times about the residence permit of a student in Spain, and in continuation of the topic we will tell you how it is extended. I remind you that today this residence permit is optimal in terms of speed and requirements for the applicant, and in terms of the rights that it subsequently gives. There is also a weighty argument in its favor – contrary to the common misconception, there is no age limit for obtaining a student card!

A student’s residence permit is issued for the duration of the educational program, but no more than 1 year, after which it must be renewed. Article 38 of the Foreigners Act specifies the following mandatory requirements:

– Certificate of completion of the education program;

– New curriculum;

– Proof of funds;

– Medical insurance;

We draw your attention to the MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT – DO NOT DECREASE the level / standard of the education course. If a student is studying in an undergraduate degree, he / she cannot request an extension based on a Spanish course. After the bachelor’s degree, you can go to study for a master’s degree, and after receiving a master’s degree (for example, in tourism), you can continue your education with another master’s degree in “Economics and Finance” for exmaple, that is of the same level as your previous studies if not higher.

 Permitted CHANGES when renewing:

You can change the city of study, educational center and training program.


  1. 60 days before the card expires
  2. Within 90 days after the expiration of the card. However, in this case, the Law on Foreigners contains some contradictions. And according to clauses 52b and 55.1a, submission after the expiration of the card is tantamount to minor violations, and can be “punished” with a fine of up to 500 euros. Therefore, we do not recommend our clients to delay the submission.


We hope you find this material useful and remind you that ProSpain Consulting provides services for obtaining and renewing all types of residences in Spain. We will take care of filling out the required forms, checking documents, arranging an appointment with the police and paying fees. You can also purchase health insurance from us, order an official sworn translation of documents and some certificates from the administrative bodies of  CIS countries.

If you were denied a student residence permit extension, we can also help you with filing an appeal.

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