Empadronamiento or Registration of foreign citizens in Spain

Are you considering Spain as a country where you would like to settle? A wonderful choice. But it is important to approach this consciously and plan the move in advance so that it goes as smooth as possible.

This also applies to the first steps that you will have to take upon arrival in the country. One of these steps is registration in Spain (Padrón or Empadronamiento). By the way, this is a simple procedure, it is much more difficult to find housing.

A Padrón is a mandatory registration at the place of residence for all foreign citizens who live in Spain, regardless of nationality and legal status.

The exception is made by foreigners whose purpose is tourism, medical treatment and other matters that do not require permanent residence in the country. By the way, applicants who are in Spain on an investor’s residence permit are also not required to have a residence permit.

What is a registration for?
– registration of a residence permit card
– obtaining a work permit
– registration of citizenship
– car registration and driver’s license exchange
– enrollment of children in school
– registration of marriage in Spain, etc.
!!! But it does not give the right to legally stay in the country, unlike a residence permit.

For registration, you must contact the municipality at the address of your residence, having registered in advance (cita previa).

What documents do you need?
– Application for registration at the address;
– Identity cards: DNI, passport and resident card;
– Extreme payment of utility bills;
– If you have your own real estate, Act of purchase and sale or Nota Simple;
– When renting a home:
– either a valid lease contract;
– either the permission of the owner of the apartment for your residence, Nota Simple and a copy of the DNI of the owner himself.

For minors, it is necessary to provide a Birth Certificate, translated properly in the case of the Spanish language in the case of a foreign document. Radrón of the child is possible in the presence of one of the parents or legal guardian.

!!! When submitting, it is important to have originals and copies of documents on hand.

The registration certificate is issued free of charge on the day of submission of documents and is valid for 3 months. It can be re-requested if necessary.

Is it possible to register in several places at the same time?
– No, registration is possible only in one municipality. You need to choose the one where you plan to live permanently.

Is it possible to register in Spain being in an illegal position?
– Certainly. Or rather, it is even necessary, since the registration will become your official confirmation of your continuous stay in the country.

Do I need to roll over Radrón?
– In many regions of Spain, non-EU citizens are required to renew their residence permit every 2 years. As a rule, given 1-2 months in case of delay. Further, if you do not provide documents, you are automatically removed from registration. This means that your period of stay in Spain is interrupted, which is important to consider when applying for citizenship.

Do I need to inform about a change of address of residence?
– Yes, you need to register at a new address. In this case, you do not need to notify in the old place.

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